To much boobs

But why? Why are fellas so obsessed with this certain part of the female physique? We have a feeling this will be interesting…. In this book the two men have intricately dissected all the emotional, biological and cultural elements behind the real reason men are so attracted to our boobs. They believe that men who were breastfed as children then grow up with an evolutionary drive for a strong nurturing bond with their female partners.
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Why Are Men so Obsessed With Boobs? The Answer is Pretty Surprising...

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How much boob is too much boob? : AskReddit

Your period or pregnancy aren't the only reasons your boobs hurt. Learn what experts say are just a few of the otherwise everyday things that can cause your boobs to hurt — sometimes really badly. Do you blame most of your boob pain on your period? It's true, that can be why your boobs hurt or just feel extra tender. But different stages of your menstrual cycle can affect your breasts in different ways, and other factors — diet, medications, and certain activities — can influence your breasts too.
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Here’s Why One Boob Is Sometimes Bigger Than the Other

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A little cleavage can go a long way, but sometimes a big chest can come off a bit tacky. So how much is too much boob? Seriously, her breasts look like they are suffocating and crying for help!
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