Hardcore bench press workout routines

You take out your training log, follow the reps and sets, add a little more weight than last week and walk out the door feeling pretty darn good about yourself. Hey, it happens. Then there are some days you just walk into the gym feeling extra pumped and super focused. Sure you could bang out your regularly scheduled training program. You want to tackle something tough. You want a challenge.
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Get Crushed: Bench Press Death

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15 Best Chest Workouts for Men - At-Home Chest and Pec Exercises

Mondays are renowned in the hardcore workout world as International Chest Day. Meatheads everywhere kick off the training week with set after set of barbell bench press reps to build up their barrel-shaped bodies, grunting and straining to beat their buddies to being strong enough to push the next set of plates. But then, they leave the weight room without hitting a single other implement unless they're heading to the squat rack for a long round of biceps curls, of course. We're mostly joking about that type of workout, but there are some kernels of truth in the telling. Pushing big weight and working your way up to pushing big weight is a worthy endeavor and a great way to stay motivated, but you shouldn't feel limited to only training your major mirror muscles using that single narrow-minded protocol. There's more to training your chest than just doing presses and pec deck reps until your back fuses with the surface of the platform beneath you hint: you shouldn't only be doing exercises with your back supported by a bench. By just staying within those comfortable realms, you're spurning all of the potential benefits that other moves could offer.
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The Six-Week Bench Press Solution!

If you want to bench big, you need to bench moreā€”and better. Commit to this six-week powerlifting-style bench specialization program made for bodybuilders, and outgrow that old 1RM for good! BodyFit is your solution to all things fitness.
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Here's the scenario: you've been working out for a while. You're not a beginner, and you've made some progress; but you're just not as strong as you want to be. Really, who is? It's easy to progress from beginner to intermediate, and almost any program followed with some measure of intensity will do the job. But breaking past the intermediate level, becoming significantly strong, that's the real challenge.
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