Slave is the master

And, in light of shifting norms and perceived racial connotations associated with the terms, many professionals are questioning their engineering necessity. Only 3. What are the origins of this terminology in electrical engineering? And what are the stances in preserving or replacing these terms on an industry-wide scale? These terms also have their places on the device side.
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Master–slave dialectic

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Master–slave dialectic - Wikipedia

After a period of forced work the slave gets stronger and defeats his master, showing that slavery is a temporary condition. The master-slave dialectic teaches us through this story that the relation of domination and submission is not a proper relation of human beings, and that this relation ultimately starts a process which always results in the liberation of the slave. In opposition to this interpretative hypothesis, various commentaries have been written which indicate with sufficent clearness and rigor that such an interpretation does not correspond to what is presented in the text of the Phenomenology of Spirit. The main argument indicates that the mistake regarding slavery is related to the way each individual understands himself, that is, how each individual thinks so as to know himself. This conception will be an essential and determinant element of his political philosophy and of his conception of the relations between the individual and the state.
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Tech Confronts Its Use of the Labels ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’

In some systems, a master is selected from a group of eligible devices, with the other devices acting in the role of slaves. In , the County of Los Angeles in California asked that manufacturers, suppliers and contractors stop using "master" and "slave" terminology on products; the county made this request "based on the cultural diversity and sensitivity of Los Angeles County". Many developers in the discussion on whether to make the replacement agreed that the term "slave" should be replaced while "master" was not offensive, while others argued that changing "slave" was also unnecessary.
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The terms master and slave have historically been used in replication, but the terms terms primary and replica are now preferred. The documentation will follow over time. See MDEV to follow progress on this effort. This article describes how to change a slave to become a master and optionally to set the old master as a slave for the new master. A typical scenario of when this is useful is if you have set up a new version of MariaDB as a slave, for example for testing, and want to upgrade your master to the new version.
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